Erza is possessive of natsu fanfiction Natsu was sitting the guild bench lazily, his head on the table as he slurped his drink slowly. . Cross-Posted on FanFiction. Dragons are parents. Erza didn't know or understand what was eating away at Natsu, but what she did know was his disguised uneasiness was unsettling her. Fairy Tails Twin Dragons By: Loka. Natsu stood and walked over to Lucy. . . . Natsu was sitting the guild bench lazily, his head on the table as he slurped his drink slowly. . After a couple moments of this, Erza began rocking her hips slowly. Natsu Dragneel is obsessed with Lucy Heartfilia. He walked over while gently patting Sakura on her back. . There personalities are as. . Natsu shooks the cobwebs from his head before sending Igneel an evil glare. "We're always fighting," he replied, smiling lazily as if their fight had been perfectly ordinary, despite the fact that he couldn't stand to even look at Natsu. . Chapter 1- The beginning. . The truth that was supposed to be known lied forgotten until he found it. A chair was about to hit Erza, but she easily dodged it. A scarlet-haired female fighter entered. Nov 29, 2012 · First one, Natsu and Erza, sets time on modern time, and Erza is absolute genius in combat and war. Erza is weakened against her fight from the last of the elemental four and Natsu decided to help Erza by binding her to a life long pact. Dragons give birth by laying eggs. Ch. . Three weeks later, they were glued together 24/7. "Please, help yourself" Jellal proffered a hand to the meal. The last words that left the bluenette echoed and lingered in her mind. rich natsu dragneel; Possessive Natsu Dragneel; poor lucy heartfilia; Summary. He reached the door and paused when he saw the pair. C. Enough is enough. Net. Natsu and Erza bolted while Wendy decided to try and heal the man. . Erza Scarlet, nicknamed Titania or the Warrior Princess, is the princess of Fairy Tail Kingdom. " With one swift motion, Erza closed the door with her foot. But, he never told her, he always watched her from far away. Simon and the others stayed quiet, letting them be. Natsu is a little different in this fic. . So Laxus and some other guys assumed that the scarlet mage was going soft! Jellal knew that the other mages were going to hit on Erza because of his lack of injuries, so he had to quickly think of another plan and he was going to seek counsel with Jellalnette. "Natsu!" Erza yelled as she watched his scales fade, horns and nails shrink, tail shrink back into his spine and his wings folded into his shoulder blades. . , Natsu D. Natsu and Erza bolted while Wendy decided to try and heal the man. And it is up to Lucy to save the world from this cataclysmic fate. However, there will be some crossover things that will be different than what I usually do. .
- Chapters: 2 - Words:. The trio ran inside the building when they heard a little girl scream. bl00dshy is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. Natsu is worried about Erza she has been avoiding him for almost a week. "Cana!". Everybody grimaced at his response but it was Erza's painful expression that burnt into his memory. Soon he fell asleep. . ) Language: English. . . . "Oh wow, Natsu immediately goes where Lucy tells him to. Three weeks later, they were glued together 24/7. Natsu and Erza rummaged through the place, flipping everything upside down to find anything that could serve as a clue. ". But as soon as he could hear the usual sounds of the guild Natsu was back to his normal self and took off for the guild and instantly joined in on the brawl that was happening. Chapter 19! I hope you get to enjoy it! We'll be side-tracking from the original story of Hunting Dragons to here,in Edolas! But it's just a few chaps,so don't worry!. It took just a simple shower time for them to understand each other. Every ones head turned to Elfman with horror on their faces and fear in their eyes. . . They were being their usual boisterous selves. In a mere second my hand was red and hurting a little. In a lust induced moment caused by his Draconic heritage, Natsu finally discovers the pleasure of the flesh, with Erza being the too willing victim. "E-ERZA, HELP ME! AHHHH! PLEASE! IT HURTS! STOPPPPPPPPPPP ITTTTTT! AHHHHHHHHH!" Natsu watched in horror as his fingers elongated into sharp dark onyx talons. True Red Dragon is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. "MmmHarder Natsu" "You feel amazing Erza" Natsu muttered between pleasure filled groans, his body covered in sweat that sprinkled all over her body. Natsu whined, and placed an arm over his daughter, reluctant to give her up. Follow the two best friends Erza and Natsu as they learn not only more about each other, but life in general. As the two walked through Magnolia, Natsu's eyes darted around as she watched the few amount of civilians walking around looking at both her and Erza, making Natsu blush slightly. Aug 8, 2013 · The familiar red-haired woman, Erza, warned the two. She soothed gently into his ear while she rubbed his back. . around the legs. "A Favor" Chapter 5: Natsu and Lucy were sitting on the floor, breathing hard and exhausted from their hyperactive twirling around the room.

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